Fleet Services

T-Fleet handles various types of works related to fleet services where policy of travel may be of different type. It will manage all company details, Company guest Details, journey details etc. The computerized system helps a lot since it eliminates the paper work and provides a better and efficient system.

Now a day’s population is increasing so the transportation is, so this project will help in understanding their activities. As we know India is developing in IT field day by day something different in this field is always appreciable.

The solo objective of T-fleet was to develop such type of system titled “FLEET SERVICES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”. This is now on the ground. The important objectives of T-fleet are following:

  • To provide a graphical user interface to add or delete the information about package available for vehicles, Company and their guest, journey, cancellation, registration
  • To provide the same type of easy to feel type interface to update and edit the above records.
  • To provide an interface for feeding the suggestions about FLEET SERVICES system through Document form.
  • To store those records in standard relational database.
  • To secure the data of travel agency records in very efficient way.
  • To allow the access of data and software to only the people who are authenticated.
T-Fleet is made by T-craft Technologies, a software company based in India, We are focused on creating remarkably useful web-based software.

About Tcraft

Tcraft is a quality driven IT company providing cost effective IT solutions. Tcraft technologies is having extensive experience in cutting edge technologies with a bulk of satisfied customers. Tcraft technologies is pioneered service include web application development; and Ecommerce development.